This Is Your Best Work: Now With Your Own Copilot

The future of Business Process Management is here.
Discover what Symbio AI can do for your organization.


Your Team Is Faster

Symbio AI accelerates routine tasks by as much as 60%. Build processes from natural text, generate documents and descriptions, discover inconsistencies, and so much more.


Your Culture Is More Compliant

Symbio has the highest process adoption rate in the BPM space. The result: an orginization that is up to 45% more compliant. Because what good is a process if nobody follows it?

Powered By Innovation

Symbio AI in Action

Your Personalized Copilot

Discover what Symbio AI can do for you.


AI Modeling

AI Modeling

Process Modeling In Hyperspeed

Fast track your transformation: With Symbio AI you can create process models at the push of a button. These processes adapt dynamically and in real-time, based on changing conditions or inputs and making you agile.


Content Generation

Content Generation

Generate Content In Seconds

Work smarter: Symbio AI can generate documents, descriptions, and complete process flows. Even the prompts are automated: depending on where you are in the process Symbio AI will generate them automatically.


Knowledge Mining

Knowledge Mining

A Smart Map Of Your Organization

Gain more insights: Symbio AI analyzes vast amounts of data from various sources to automatically discover business processes. This knowledge is mapped in the Business Navigator and made accessible to all employee .




Is It Relevant? Is It True?

Keep it real: Symbio AI always knows where you are within a given process. As your personalized Copilot, it will show you only the current, relevant, and true information in the context of your task. This is smart compliance.

Our story

We are Symbio:
Creators of Flow

We create Business Process Management Software that lets your people do their best work.

We believe that, from the production line to the executive board, everyone in your organization wants essentially the same thing: Flow.

Everything we do at Symbioworld is in the service of creating Flow and allowing for a new kind of business processes: Of the people. By the people. For the people.

Flow is not an end in itself. It fosters a healthier process culture — with better transparency, lower churn, and much more engagement. At Symbioworld, it makes us proud and motivated to have the highest process adoption rate throughout the BPM space.


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How does Symbio AI work?

Symbio AI is the first intelligent AI assistance in the BPM space, acting as your personalized Copilot. It uses contextual knowledge and calibrates prompts depending where you are within a given process.

Is my data safe?

This is the most important aspect: your data does not leave your system! Symbio AI works within the safe boundaries of Microsoft Azure. That way it is safe to use and compliant with 100% of existing and forseeable regulations.

What kind of results or action can it provide?

Symbio AI can be used to create complete and coherent process flows. It can generate documents and descriptions as well as summaries. It also can generate details to the tasks — like risks, roles, applications or KPIs.

What does it cost?

Symbio AI is part of the Symbio product and cannot be purchased stand-alone. Symbio customers buy licenses on a user basis. For our existing clients there will be special offers and add-ons. Your success manager will tell you all about it.

How can I get Symbio AI?

Just reach out. Our team is eager to accomodate you: by inviting you to a demo or by setting up exclusive access.

Need more details?

The Symbio team is happy to give them to you.

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Use Case
5 min read

Digital Transformation

Automate your application lifecycle and create a business navigation system. Get more overview and control in your transformation project.
Use Case
5 min read

Process Excellence

Reduce inefficiencies in your business processes: Symbio  supports you in capturing and optimizing processes in the entire process organization.
Use Case
5 min read

Risk & Compliance

Business process-driven risk management: How your company proactively meets all requirements with risk and compliance.